Listen to Luna’s dreamy cover of Television’s ‘Marquee Moon’

A dreamy take on a classic song

Luna have shared a cover of Television’s classic track, ‘Marquee Moon’. You can listen to it below.

The cover also saw the return of Luna’s founding bassist, Justin Harwood, who left the band in 2000.

Recorded remotely, the cover saw ex-Galaxy 500 founder Dean Wareham sing and play guitar from Los Angeles while drummer Lee Wall took part from Texas. Sean Eden played guitar from San Fransisco, and Harwood joined from Aukland, New Zealand.


Britta Phillips, who replaced Harwood following his departure, doesn’t play on the cover but can be seen in the video.

You can listen to the cover below.

Thurston Moore, Real Estate, Surfer Blood, Mark Lanegan and more are celebrating the forthcoming vinyl release of Galaxie 500’s live album ‘Copenhagen’ with a series of covers from the band’s back catalogue.

The album was recorded back in the 90s during their European tour and will arrive as part of the first instalment of this year’s Record Store Day on August 29.

A cover will be released every day until August 28, the day before the record is available to purchase.


Thurston Moore shared his contribution last week (August 14), releasing his take on the legendary dream-pop band’s ‘Another Day’.

Speaking about the release, Moore said: “I first heard of Galaxie 500 when I was walking around downtown NYC 1988 with Susanne Sasic, who was working with Sonic Youth…[Suzanne] mentioned that the band had a single (‘Tugboat’/’King Of Spain’) which was super cool. She was absolutely right about the single.

“…eventually I saw them and was struck by their mellifluous minimalism and swooning ‘verb-drenched slather tone. Of course, they were already classic and, of course, they would, and will, always remain one of the best, most remarkable bands from a time when being noisy, aggressive, amped up and skuzzy was the prescription of the day.”