Listen to Madison Beer’s new heartbreak ballad ‘Reckless’

"I believe there's a balance to putting ourselves and our feelings first"

Madison Beer has released her first new music since her hit debut album ‘Life Support‘ – stream ‘Reckless’ below.

The song, which is set to feature on the US singer-songwriter’s next project, is about “how easy it is for some people in relationships to hurt others and move on without any guilt”, said Beer in a statement.

She continued: “People have so much power over their partner’s feelings, yet many still choose to treat each other carelessly. I believe there is a balance to putting ourselves and our feelings first, while knowing we have the responsibility of treating people with respect, kindness, and consideration. It’s so important to find that balance in every relationship and knowing when to move on if you can’t.”


Beer co-wrote and co-produced the new single, which she shared after unveiling the US and Canada leg of her ‘Life Support Tour’. Tickets for the tour this year are on sale now.

In February, Beer discussed in her NME cover feature how she felt “very silenced” by older men in the music industry

In the interview, Beer reflected on being dictated to by record executives, before learning “how to stand my ground”.

“I’ve also learned how to pick my battles,” she said of her responses to the comments. “You can’t always stand up and say: ‘I need to be heard now.’ Because there are certain times when they probably do know better than me.

“I’m at a point now where I’m almost 10 years into this game, and I have a voice that I think deserves to be heard. But for a very long time, I felt very silenced by older men in the industry who actually didn’t know what they were talking about and steered me in all the wrong directions.”


Beer is set to perform at this year’s Reading & Leeds festival (August 27-29, 2021).