Listen to Miiesha’s vulnerable new single ‘Everything’

Another taste of her forthcoming EP 'Mirrors', due out on June 3

Miiesha is back with her second new single of the year, sharing a vulnerable cut titled ‘Everything’.

The Pitjantjatjara and Torres Strait Islander artist released the track today (April 29). It opens with a haunting string arrangement and soundbites of bird calls and children’s chatter, before giving way to stirring production and Miiesha’s silky vocals.

An incredibly raw, monochromatic music video arrived alongside the track, directed and produced by Clint Gough. A visual representation of the song’s themes, it features Miiesha singing the cut with no special effects, extra production or distractions, leaving the singer real and exposed. Watch it below.


“‘Everything’ comes from a very dark place of feeling like giving up, like not having the strength to continue,” Miiesha shared of the song on Instagram. “It starts the second EP as I start looking back to see where the pain has came from. I found that grain of faith.”

‘Everything’ follows on from March’s ‘Still Dream’, with both cuts lifted from her forthcoming EP ‘Mirrors’, due out on June 3. It will form a double-EP (‘Smoke & Mirrors’), with her previously released five-tracker ‘Smoke’.

That EP, which landed in 2021, comprised the singles ‘Damaged’, ‘Price I Paid’ and ‘Made For Silence’, among others.

Miiesha released her debut album ‘Nyaaringu’ in 2020, earning a four-star review from NME, who called it “a fearless debut album that weaves a story about the Indigenous experience”.


NME also ranked it at #1 on their list of best Australian albums that same year.