Listen to Missy Higgins’ triumphant new single ‘Edge Of Something’

It comes as one of several tracks of Higgins’ on the soundtrack for ABC drama 'Total Control'

Missy Higgins has returned with her first original track for 2021: a thumping ode to self-empowerment titled ‘Edge Of Something’.

The track opens with warm, reverberant piano chords that allow for Higgins’ pensive, yet impassioned vocals to take centre stage. The soundscape builds progressively, first with dry stomps and claps, then soaring vocal harmonies and bolder chords before it erupts into a powerful chorus.

The new song comes as one of several that Higgins will contribute to the soundtrack for ABC drama Total Control, which is set to premiere its second season on Sunday November 7. Thematically, the track revolves around series lead Rachel Anderson (played by Deborah Mailman), an Indigenous senator navigating within a volatile right-wing government.


A standout line comes towards the track’s end, wherein Higgins sings emphatically: “Hell hath no fury like a woman’s rage / Everybody gonna know my name.”

Have a listen to ‘Edge Of Something’ below, then take a look at the trailer for season two of Total Control (which also features the track):

In a press release, Higgins gushed that she was “really proud to have [her] music featured in this particular show”, and pointed out that she finds Total Control particularly impactful for its basis in reality.

“It’s a compelling drama about the challenges women face in public life,” she said, “so I think it’s ‘must see TV’ after all the revelations coming out of Canberra this year.”


Higgins also noted that ‘Edge Of Something’ began as a challenge she had set for herself in lockdown, with the aim being to expand on an 80-second instrumental piece originally written for the first season of Total Control. Higgins wrote and recorded the new track from scratch, working closely with co-producer Brendon Love.

“It’s been lovely to get so much ‘quality time’ with my young family over the last 18 months,” Higgins said, “but if I’ve learned anything it’s that making music keeps me sane!”

As teased during a recent appearance on The Set – where she also teamed up with Birdz to reimagine the Destiny’s Child hit ‘Survivor’ – Higgins will release another track from the Total Control soundtrack, ‘Watch Out’, in the near future.

‘Edge Of Something’ follows Higgins’ 2020 singles ‘Carry You’ and ‘When The Machine Starts’, as well as a collaboration with Birdz titled ‘LEGACY part 2’ that the pair released earlier this month.

Fans will be able to hear the new tracks live at a sprawling list of festival dates Higgins has on the horizon, including appearances at next year’s Byron Bay Bluesfest, the Great Southern Nights concert series in New South Wales, SummerSalt mini-festivals in Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia, and the Wildflower touring festival in the Yarra Valley, Brisbane and Hunter Valley.

Speaking of her inclusion on the Wildflower line-up, Higgins said: “All the women involved are total inspirations, and some were actually really big influences on me in the early days of my career. There’s something about being on the road with so many powerful creative women, it’s so rare it kind of creates magic when it happens.

“I was involved in the second round of Lilith Fair in America about ten years ago and it goes down as one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, I made lifelong friends out of it. I have no doubt this will be the same, but this time showcasing to the country the huge amount of Aussie talent we have here. It’s an incredible way to get back in to playing live music again, holy moly I’ve missed it.”