Listen to Moaning Lisa’s breezy new single ‘Too Many’

The fourth track to land from the Canberran alt-rockers’ debut album

Moaning Lisa have shared a new single titled ‘Too Many’, alongside a new set of tour dates to launch their forthcoming debut album.

Released today (September 10), the new track offers a fascinating contrast between the moody, grunge-inspired attitude of Moaning Lisa’s softer material, and their fiery, riff-heavy punk anthems. Frontwoman Charlie Versegi sings sweetly and carries a breezy, emotive melody, meanwhile lead guitarist Ellen Chan tears away at her fretboard, wielding a scene-stealing slate of roaring solos.

The track arrives alongside a music video comprising shots of Moaning Lisa on tour, filmed by the band and stitched together by Chan. Take a look at it below:


In a press release, Versegi explained that ‘Too Many’ started out as an impromptu acoustic jam. She said: “I just started playing this random finger-picking thing on an acoustic guitar, and just sang what came out of me. I showed Hayley, and she started singing harmonies over the top. I sent it to our manager, who has a really good ear. He was like, ‘This is fabulous, but make it punk!’ I was like, ‘Okay, let’s do that.’”

Adding to Versegi’s comment, singer/bassist Hayley Manwaring said: “It was a very easy one to work with. If a song can work stripped back as well as it does with all the bells and whistles, then we know it’s good.”

Thematically, ‘Too Many’ sees Versegi muse on the oftentimes overwhelming emotions that being a working musician can spur. Chan noted that the band wanted to encapsulate those feelings in the track’s accompanying video, saying: “We were inspired to capture the sentiment of the song.

“We’re very lucky to do what we love; to play music and interact with all sorts of people on tour, but it isn’t the glamorous lifestyle that people make out to be. It’s equal parts exhilarating to tour and be on stage and meet new people as it is to the emotional whiplash that we get when we return home to everyday living… And things just feel not quite right…

“In essence the video is a reminder to us to not give up because the positive always outweighs the negative!”


‘Too Many’ comes as the fourth track shared from Moaning Lisa’s upcoming debut album, ‘Something Like This But Not This’, joining earlier singles ‘Something’, ‘Inadequacy’ and ‘Cold Water’. The full record is set to land on October 8 via Farmer & The Owl.

The band have also locked in a new run of dates for their national tour in support of the album. Initially slated to kick off in October, the tour will now take place throughout February and March of 2022, with a total of nine cities on the itinerary. Full details and tickets are available from the band’s website.