Listen to Montaigne’s first post-Eurovision single, ‘My Life Is Better With You’

The track serves as the theme song for the 'My Brother, My Brother and Me' podcast

Pop singer Montaigne has shared her first new single post-Eurovision, an upbeat cut titled ‘My Life Is Better With You’.

Listeners may already recognise the track from the My Brother, My Brother and Me podcast, where it has served as the theme song since March. However, Montaigne officially released the full version today (August 14) coinciding with her 26th birthday.

It arrived alongside a charming music video made by Montaigne herself and starring the three McElroy brothers behind the popular podcast series. Watch it below.


“SO excited to announce that MY LIFE IS BETTER WITH YOU is releasing… with a music video made by yours truly!!!!” Montaigne shared on her social media earlier in the week, adding “it’s really silly and i love it!”.

“i’ve had a lot of requests for its release date bc people want it for their weddings and that honestly rules. now you can have it. bon appetit !!!”

Montaigne represented Australia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, however she had to perform her competition song ‘Technicolour’ remotely due to COVID-19.

It marked the second time in a row that the singer had missed out on performing overseas for the contest, with organisers cancelling the 2020 iteration at the beginning of the pandemic.


Speaking to NME back in May about the role of entertainers during the pandemic, Montaigne said, “I think on a deeper level all theatre, performance, drag, anything is a way to inspire delight and a feeling of belonging because ultimately the people performing are the same as you: they’re people”.

“I think it’s really important and powerful for those stories and those emotions to be told and expressed during a pandemic, in whatever way.”