Listen to Odette’s new single, ‘Amends’

The third single from her forthcoming album ‘Herald’

Odette is back with a sensual new single, ‘Amends’, the third cut from her forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Herald’.

Out today (January 8), the track is a reflection of Odette’s relationship with herself and people around her.

“Amends’ is a song I wrote during a period of unwellness,” Odette said in a press statement.


“I was hurting myself and the people I loved with a cruel disregard. This song is about trying and persevering even when you feel like you’ve already failed.”

Alongside the single is an official music video, with its art direction and story created by Odette herself.

Odette said: “This video represents the changes I have experienced over the last few years. It’s a statement about my yearning for guidance and coming to terms with how it feels to be alive in all is complexities.”

Watch the Peter Elisha Hume-directed video below:

‘Amends’ is the follow-up to two other singles from the Sydney singer-songwriter’s upcoming collection, ‘Dwell’ and ‘Feverbreak’, both released last year.


On the thematic inspiration for her second studio album, ‘Herald’ – set for release on February 5 – Odette said, “I sabotaged a lot of good relationships, but I wrote this album because I wanted to document it in a way that wasn’t enabling it.

“I wanted it to very much be about reflecting, self-analysis and then growth. The most important part, for me, is the growth.”