Listen to OneFour’s punchy new single CAP’

The first single since member YP was released from prison

With member YP now back with the group, drill rap outfit OneFour have dropped a fresh new single, ‘CAP’, complete with official music video.

The song is the first to be release from the Mount Druitt drill outfit since YP was released from jail. Rejoining J Emz and Spenny, ‘CAP’ sees the trio deliver a song of classic energy with a potent message: OneFour mean business.

In the official music video for ‘CAP’, it’s quickly evident that OneFour are taking the music game seriously and aiming high. Spitting out the lyrics “In Aus we had no one to look up to / so we said, safe, we’ll just pave the way / Most the rappers got left in the past because they all sound the same”, the action splits between the trio performing ardently in front of an impressive collection of baseball caps, OneFour and friends dancing in a house, and the trio sitting in a cinema theatre.


Watch the ‘CAP’ video – directed by OneFour themselves along with Matt Wilson – below:

J Emz and Spenny kept the OneFour dream alive in YP’s absence, releasing OneFour’s debut EP, ‘Against All Odds’, in 2020.

Last year the pair linked up with a handful of artists for some collaborative releases – featuring on Anfa Rose’s ‘Hot Minute’ and teaming up with Kapulet on ‘How We Livin’‘.

After spending two years incarcerated following a violent altercation in 2018, YP dropped his debut solo single, ‘Out Of Sight’, back in February.


In it, the rapper reflected on his time behind bars and how he intends to move forward. “My message is be real to yourself,” YP said of the single in at the time. “It’s more than just a single to me. I know everyone can’t relate, but I want them to understand my growth not just as an artist but as a person who didn’t have it easy growing up.”