Listen to PARKER’s empowered new single ‘Lie Low’

Released in conjunction with International Women's Day for its empowered message

Launceston artist PARKER has released her first track of the year today, ‘Lie Low’, in line with International Women’s Day 2021.

Real name Tash Parker, ‘Lie Low’ sees PARKER reclaim her power, asserted by the closing lyrics, “No I won’t hold it in / No I won’t / Won’t bow out now for anything“.

In conjunction with the song’s release, PARKER has unveiled the glitchy and watercoloured music video for ‘Lie Low’, which she directed alongside the song’s co-producer, Hans van Vliet.


Watch the video for ‘Lie Low’ below:

Released specifically on IWD 2021 due to the song’s message, PARKER explained the inspiration behind ‘Lie Low’ in a press statement.

“I’ve always held myself with a belief that I should exist in the world with quiet grace. Not be too loud or stand out too much,” she said.

“Even though my friends, parents and partners have encouraged me to follow my dreams I always felt this responsibility to not be too loud or abrasive, to look pretty, to sound pretty, to not challenge people too much, make music and art that is beautiful and easy to listen to and look at.  

“Hans and I were working remotely on the track and we had the ‘be less, be less’ section looping at the end. I felt this rage inside me in response to that idea. This feeling of frustration at all the times I’ve controlled my emotions so that I didn’t make others feel uncomfortable.


“I set up my mic in my bedroom and just started screaming and yelling until finally it felt like my heart cracked open. The floodgates opened up and I wept loudly for about 10 mins.”

‘Lie Low’ serves as the follow-up to ‘Superhuman’, which dropped in June of last year.