Listen to Paul Weller’s new song ‘Shades Of Blue’, co-written with his daughter Leah

The latest preview of 'Fat Pop (Volume 1)'

Paul Weller has shared his new single ‘Shades Of Blue’, which was co-written with his daughter Leah – you can hear the track below.

The song is taken from Weller’s upcoming new album ‘Fat Pop (Volume 1)’, which is set for release on May 14. The LP was written and recorded during the first coronavirus lockdown last year.

Following on from previous singles ‘Cosmic Fringes’ and ‘Glad Times’, ‘Shades Of Blue’ has now been released. The song was co-written with Leah Weller, who contributed lyrics and backing vocals to the track.


An official video for ‘Shades Of Blue’ is “coming soon” according to Weller’s Twitter account, but you can hear the song now below.

Weller recently rescheduled a number of his upcoming UK tour dates to spring 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic. He still plans on embarking on another tour in November.

Leah Weller, who released two solo singles (‘Change’ and ‘Strangers’) last year, spoke to NME back in September about how she feels about having her music compared to her dad’s.

“I think that with anybody who puts something out, there’s always the fear that it might be judged, as it’s something that’s very personal to you,” she said. “I do usually run stuff past my dad to see what his opinion is, from the musician’s point of view. I would rather show it to my dad and him give me his feedback than release something that’s really not good and hear it from someone else.


“My parents have always been just very supportive no matter what I wanted to do, but coming from a musical background, I knew from an early age that I was into music. I was always singing; I was always trying to pick up guitar. My dad got me my first guitar for my 12th birthday. I remember writing my first song. I think it was called something like, ‘Same Shit, Different Day’ – I was a bit of an emo kid!”

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