Listen to Peach PRC’s piano-led new single, ‘Heavy’

Anticipation around the single has been running high since Peach teased it on Tiktok

After a steady year of high-energy, synth-driven pop tracks, Peach PRC has switched things up with her new single ‘Heavy’, a piano-led ballad.

The song is vastly different from her previous cuts, with downtempo, almost ambient production driving most of the song. Written about her struggle with her own mental health, she sings on the chorus, “They say they won’t run away / ‘Fix You’ is only pretty when it’s sung by Coldplay.”

Peach – real name Shaylee Curnow – also unveiled the song’s accompanying music video, which sees her sprint along a quiet beach at sunset before levitating eerily above the sand. Watch the video, directed by Stephanie Jane Day, below.


“I wanted to indulge on Peach’s behalf and take all this to a place of peace and beauty,” Day said of the music video.

“I wanted the film to complement the song – I wanted Peach to know that even though she feels heavy – she has everything she needs to soar.”

The arrival of ‘Heavy’ was preceded by Curnow teasing it on her TikTok account, with hype around it deeming the song as, per a press release, “the most requested song from her core fan base” since her debut single ‘Josh’.

Curnow has kept busy since she released ‘Josh’ back in February, following it up in June with ‘Symptomatic’. Just last week, she released two holiday-themed songs, ‘I’ve Been Bad, Santa’ and ‘Christmas Kinda Sucks’.