Listen to Pistol Pete & Enzo’s thumping debut EP ‘FINALS’

After releasing a string of one-off singles throughout the past two years

After years of steady single releases, rap duo Pistol Pete & Enzo have finally delivered their first EP, ‘FINALS’.

Released today (May 13) through Biordi Music, ‘FINALS’ consists of eight different tracks, including previously released single ‘Halftime (Interlude).

Bookended by two other interlude tracks ‘Kickoff’ and ‘Fulltime’, the EP features contributions from an array of other artists, including Youngn Lipz, 046, Kennyon Brown, Bally Boy and LDP 68.


Listen to ‘FINALS’ in full below.

The release of ‘FINALS’ follows a stream of one-off singles the duo dropped throughout the past year, including ‘Out The Vault’, ‘Doin Der’ and ‘The Top’.

‘The Top’, their first single of 2020, also marked Pistol Pete and Enzo’s first release through Biordi Music.

“‘The Top’ is a track that showcases our versatilities in the current Australian rap game. Being in this game for some time now we’ve copped lot of love but also a lot of hate,” the duo said in a press statement.


“In this track we are stating that ‘The Top’ is where we are heading regardless. This track is uplifting and has a feel-good vibe, but at the same time we stay true to our ways and we still talk our talk. ‘The Top’ is just the start of our new journey and in due time we will be there!”