Listen to PRICIE’s new single ‘M.O.M (Money On Me)’

Lifted from a debut EP the singer is set to release, titled 'It's PRICIE'

Nigerian-Australian artist PRICIE has returned with her first new single for the year, titled ‘M.O.M (Money On Me)’.

The soulful cut is layered with lush harmonies, dynamic production and PRICIE’s unique vocals, with the singer delivering lines like: “Don’t give me excuses just give me what I need baby / Real love ain’t real love when you gotta go all the time.

“I wrote this song super broke living in a shared house as a first year psych student,” PRICIE said of the track in a press statement. “I was just not interested in dealing with anybody’s bullshit. Sometimes the reality of your wallet is all you need to know… Life is easier without the added drama or clingy love.”


Check it out below.

It comes as another taste of the singer’s forthcoming debut EP, ‘It’s PRICIE’, which is set for release later this year via Sweat It Out. An official date for the EP’s arrival is yet to be announced, but a press statement says that there are more singles to come in the lead up to its drop.

PRICIE released her debut single ‘too dang good’ in February last year, created with Melbourne producer Lucianblomkamp.

“We honestly didn’t expect to make anything, but myself and Lucian figuratively just vibed each other and decided to jam,” PRICIE said at the time. “As he made a beat, I began to freestyle on it and ‘too dang good’ was born.”

She also linked up with Genesis Owusu later that year for ‘Friendzone’, and has lent her vocals to Tseba’s ‘Surrender’ and Dear Silas’ ‘Beautifuh’.