Listen to Running Touch’s steamy new single ‘Ceilings’

The track was inspired by the likes of Calvin Harris and Daft Punk

Melbourne producer Running Touch has shared an evocative new single titled ‘Ceilings’.

He explained in a press release that ‘Ceilings’ was inspired by artists like Calvin Harris and Daft Punk. He said that during the writing process for the new track, he “really fell in love with [their] loaded, anthemic sound” and cited the artists as “strong samplers who create synths and sounds that feel in-between organic and synthetic”.

To accomplish a contrast between analogue and digital sounds, Running Touch mixed ‘Ceilings’ with live drums, which he said is “what really drives it into life”. He also noted that the track was first demoed over three years ago, writing it concurrently with his multi-platinum collaboration with Hayden James, ‘Better Together’.


Take a look at the lyric video for ‘Ceilings’ below:

Citing the Moby track ‘Porcelain’ as inspiration for its chorus, Running Touch described ‘Ceilings’ as a “rumination on love”. He continued: “I thought the verses to be all the questions and problems, the chorus to be this disregard for those things and the release. It flourishes. Cycles – just like we experience.

“The name ‘Ceilings’ is a reference to our subconscious, all the unsolved feelings and tensions that dictate us.”

‘Ceilings’ comes as Running Touch’s second release for 2021, following the single ‘Juno’ at the start of the year. In 2020, he released singles ‘Meet Me’ and ‘Signs’, as well as a stripped-back redux of the latter.


Today’s (September 17) press release notes that Running Touch’s current focus revolves around what’s being dubbed the ‘Post Modern Collective Sessions’, described as “an opportunity for Running Touch to hone in on his multi-instrumentalist skill set while providing a sense of community for friends and like-minded musicians dedicated to their craft.”

Aside from his solo work, Running Touch also performs as part of the experimental hip-hop collective Adult Art Club, and is a studio member in the nu-metal band Ocean Grove. The latter group released their second album, ‘Flip Phone Fantasy’, in March of 2020.

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