Listen to SAYAH’s sweet and sour new single ‘Fruit’

Her first song in over two years

After a two-year break from releasing her own music, singer-songwriter SAYAH returns today with her new track ‘Fruit’.

Melodically, ‘Fruit’ proves to be a glittery and sweet pop track, contrasting with the repetitions of “fuck you” at the beginning of each line of the chorus.

‘Fruit’ is the first track SAYAH has released under her own name since ‘Drama Queen’, which dropped in February 2019.


Listen to ‘Fruit’ below:

“When you’ve got an insane connection with someone but you know they’re not good for you, so you try everything to move on including seeing new people,” SAYAH said of the song’s meaning in a press statement.

“But no matter what, they’re always on your mind and it’s so freaking annoying! At the same time, you also kinda love it.”

The song was recorded at the home studio of producer Taka Perry, and was co-written with Keppie Coutts.

Speaking of the songwriting process of ‘Fruit’, SAYAH said, “(Coutts) seeded the idea and came to me with the concept and it was crazy because I was literally going through that exact scenario at the time.


“It was like she had read my mind and we wrote the rest of the song within half an hour.”

While there’s no word yet on what SAYAH will be following up ‘Fruit’ with, she is set to perform live as a vocalist alongside Cosmo’s Midnight on their forthcoming nationwide tour.