Listen to Scott Darlow’s powerful new single, ‘Forgotten Australia’

Alongside a cameo-filled music video

Melbourne singer-songwriter Scott Darlow has today released his new song, ‘Forgotten Australia’, alongside a star-studded music video.

‘Forgotten Australia’ is a soaring, guitar-driven cut that sees Darlow ask if we “remember the forgotten Australia” even though it “sounds like a dream“.

The music video for the song features clips of Darlow interviewing various Australian musicians, athletes and celebrities about their connection to the land. These include John Butler, Kasey Chambers, Myf Warhurst, Anthony Koutoufides and more.


Watch the video for ‘Forgotten Australia’ below:

“In my opinion a combination of technology, fear, globalisation and poor messaging from sections of the media have led to a rise in nationalism, less tolerance and less empathy on both sides of the political fence,” Darlow said of the song in a press statement.

“In some ways, it feels like we’ve never been more divided. We need to embrace each other with a little bit more forgiveness, love, understanding, tolerance and empathy. It’s my hope that this song will remind listeners everywhere that we’re all Australians, one mob, living together on sacred ground.”

‘Forgotten Australia’ marks Darlow’s first single of the year so far, and the first he’s released since he dropped ‘Bind The Hands Of Time‘ in late September last year.


‘Bind The Hands Of Time’ was preceded by ‘You Can’t See Black In The Dark‘, which was released in May of last year and features vocals from Birds Of Tokyo frontman Ian Kenny.