Listen to Sia’s remix of her 2018 track, ‘Snowman’

She's dubbed it the 'Snowed In & Slowed Down TikTok Remix'

Sia has rejigged her 2018 festive track, ‘Snowman’, dubbing the new version the ‘Snowed In & Slowed Down TikTok Remix’.

As its subtitle suggests, the alternative version opts for a breezier tempo than the original, with Sia changing the song’s key midway through for extra effect.

Uploaded late yesterday (December 9), the remix is the singer’s first festive track since the release of her album, ‘Everyday Is Christmas’ in 2018. The record featured the original version of ‘Snowman’ alongside other Yuletide-themed songs.


Listen to ‘Snowman (Snowed In & Slowed Down TikTok Remix)’ below:

Sia uploaded an official music video for the original version of ‘Snowman’ in October, which featured claymation snow people in a variety of different settings.

On TikTok, Sia said that making the clip required “lots of sculpting and molding [sic], lots of clay and painting, lots of time and patience, but most importantly lots and lots of love”. Click here to watch the music video.

Sia caught backlash last month after it came to light that she had cast neurotypical actress, Maddie Ziegler, as an autistic character in her upcoming film, Music.


Punters on social media accused Sia of ableism for her casting decision. The singer-songwriter rejected these claims, saying she had attempted to contact “a few [autistic] actors” before deciding on Ziegler for the role.

Activists subsequently petitioned Sia to cancel the film altogether, with the petition’s organiser calling it “extremely offensive to myself and other autistic individuals”.