Listen to ‘Sweet Connection’, the latest instalment in Elizabeth’s ‘Suite Of Singles’

The musician dubbed 'Sweet Connection' her “sexiest song so far”

Elizabeth has today (August 9) shared ‘Sweet Connection’, the second instalment of her three-part ‘Suite Of Singles’.

The song, which was co-written and produced by Alice Ivy, sees the Melbourne artist at her most overtly sensual, singing of an intense yet short-lived affair amid airy backing synths. “Open my mouth to drink you down,” Elizabeth confesses in the second verse, “I give as much as I can take.

The single is accompanied by a music video, which was directed by Nick Mckk. In it, a doppelgänger of Elizabeth’s is seen auditioning candidates to be her lover, each miming the song’s lyrics before a closing shot shows the real Elizabeth atop a graffiti-clad staircase. Have a look at that below:


Speaking in a press statement, Elizabeth deemed ‘Sweet Connection’ her “sexiest song yet”, expounding on the thrilling relationships upon which its lyrics are based: “[It’s] about the thrill of being with new people”, she said, “finding out what lays beyond what you already know.”

“This song is fun, it’s staying up all night with someone beautiful, it’s the electricity of not knowing what’s coming next.”

‘Sweet Connection’ marks Elizabeth’s second collaboration with Ivy, having previously enlisted the producer for a remix of her single ‘Parties’. That song was featured on Elizabeth’s debut album, ‘​​The Wonderful World Of Nature’, in 2019.

Speaking on the collaboration, Ivy said that “it was an honour to share the studio space with [Elizabeth]… I had so much fun experimenting with different sounds on this one. Liz has the most angelic voice, and she’s such an incredible songwriter”.

‘Sweet Connection’ follows previous single ‘Happier Now’, which arrived last month as Elizabeth’s first song in three years. Both tracks are part of her ‘Suite Of Singles’, a trilogy connected by its lyrical themes and accompanying visual motifs.


Meanwhile, back in January, Elizabeth contributed to the So Frenchy So Chic EP, ‘YÉ-YÉ 2.0’. Her cover of Marie Laforêt’s ‘Marie Douceur Marie Colère’ was sung entirely in French, and featured on the disc alongside similar covers from Odette, Ngaiire, Woodes and Julia Wallace.