Listen to Tash Sultana’s mellow new single ‘Sweet & Dandy’

The latest cut from their forthcoming album ‘Terra Firma’

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Tash Sultana has released their first track of the year, in the form of mellow new single ‘Sweet & Dandy’.

It’s the latest cut from the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming sophomore album ‘Terra Firma’, set to arrive on February 19 via Lonely Lands Records.

Sultana’s smooth vocals wrap around the luscious, dreamy soundscape of ‘Sweet & Dandy’, staying true to the musician’s signature sound and atmospheric production. Listen to the track below:


‘Sweet & Dandy’ is the latest in a string of cuts from the forthcoming ‘Terra Firma’, with Sultana sharing four other singles from the record throughout 2020. It began with ‘Pretty Lady’ in April last year, which was followed by tracks ‘Greed’, ‘Beyond the Pine’ and ‘Willow Tree’, featuring vocals from Jerome Farah.

Sultana also officially released a cover of Shawn James’ original song ‘Through The Valley’ in July 2020, which was recorded for The Last Of Us Part II video game.

Last year NME sat down with Sultana to talk about the journey behind making ‘Terra Firma’ and where their inspiration for the album came from.

Terra firma is the ground, the earth, you put your feet on it to remember where you are, what you’re from,” explained Sultana.


“It’s a reminder that we are only human at the end of the day. Part of one big system and no one really knows the answers to how and why.”