Listen to the catchy new single from Down For Tomorrow, ‘Sentimental’

The emotive pop-punk track will be launched with a pair of headline shows

Sydney indie-punk outfit Down For Tomorrow have unveiled a buoyant new single, ‘Sentimental’.

Produced by Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly and The Dead Love collaborator Stevie Knight, the emotive pop-punk track follows Down For Tomorrow’s recent double A-side, ‘Good Person’ and ‘Full Circle’, which they released in March.

Watch the video for ‘Sentimental’ below.


In a press release, frontman Cody Stebbings said ‘Sentimental’ was inspired by his own self-doubt as a songwriter.

“I had just finished rehearsal with everyone,” he said. “On the way home I began to question my own song writing methods and the value behind the lyrical subjects.

“I felt I was dramatising and overstating everything I wrote about in some strange attempt to overcompensate for a lack of musical and emotional diversity. I said to myself what would later become the hook: ‘when am I ever not sentimental?’

“I wrote the song that night, and we workshopped it with Stevie; sensibly crafting the dynamic push and pull, going over the melody until it was true to the theme. The song emphasises the satire in trying not to be so sentimental about the things that should matter.”

Down For Tomorrow will launch ‘Sentimental’ with two headline shows in July, performing at The Workers Club in Melbourne on July 9 and Waywards in Sydney on July 24.


They’re also set to play in support of Sydney punk band Fangz in Katoomba on June 12, wrapping up their six-date ‘Self Medicate’ tour.

Last year, Down For Tomorrow released their ‘Whatever Happens’ EP, which featured the singles ‘Trouble Prone’ and ‘Survive’.