Listen to The Rills’ jaunty new single ‘Do It Differently’

The latest track from the Lincolnshire indie-rockers is about “acknowledging your uniqueness”

Lincolnshire indie-rockers and NME 100 2022 members The Rills have shared the title track to their forthcoming EP, ‘Do It Differently’, a buoyant ode to “embodying the spirit of creativity”.

An optimistic cut that’s powered both musically and thematically by the trio’s headstrong spirit, they noted in a press release that ‘Do It Differently’ is about “acknowledging your uniqueness and using it to push against a world that tries to pigeonhole you”.

The group cited TikTok as a particular influence on the song, pointing out how the platform’s fervent base of content creators has “used a new format to build huge communities in rapid time”. They suggest that “taking control of your own destiny is a very punk mentality to us”, declaring: “Right now, TikTok is as punk as it gets!”


On the new track’s breezy, jangle-driven chorus, frontman Mitch Spencer sings: “Well you could say/ We like to do it differently/ We don’t care for your boring ways/ And I say I won’t even give it time of day/ We like to do it differently.”

Have a listen to ‘Do It Differently’ below:

The titular ‘Do It Differently’ EP is due out on May 6 via Nice Swan Records, with pre-orders open now on The Rills’ BandCamp page. Though its full tracklisting is yet to be revealed, the EP – hyped up as “all taught, propulsive rhythms and witty, acerbic vocals” – will also feature The Rills’ 2021 single ‘Skint Eastwood’.

Speaking to NME last November, Spencer said he had hopes for the EP’s release to catapult The Rills to a larger audience. “I don’t know if this is because we’re from Lincoln, but right from day one we’ve been like: ‘We want to headline Glastonbury, we want to be the biggest fucking band we can be’,” he said.

Likening their current slate of ambitions to the Arctic Monkeys song ‘Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But…’, bassist Callum Warner-Webb added: “Alex Turner is singing about getting advice from people telling them to just do gigs at local pubs. That makes you think, ‘No, I’m not going to limit myself to a situation where it makes sense to be in a band in a small town. I’m going to completely go against that and run with this idea – even if it kills me’.”


The Rills were also named on the NME 100 list for 2022, where Andrew Trendell wrote that the band “pen guitar bangers about teenage boredom, smalltown ne’er-do-wells and living for the weekend” and labelled their brand to be “a heady dose of reality and one hell of a laugh”.

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