Listen to Those Who Dream’s psychotropic new single ‘Bubblegum’

An angsty pop jam about “a ‘last straw’ moment in a dumpster-fire of a relationship”

Perth-based duo Those Who Dream have shared a riveting new single titled ‘Bubblegum’.

On it, they channel the woes of a toxic relationship into a tight, distortion-laced angst-pop anthem. The track comes alongside a suitably trippy music video, in which the band slam through the track from a grimy, boxed-in space plastered in graffiti.

As is typical for their content, the clip was produced, filmed and directed by the band themselves. Take a look at it below:


“We tried to make the video look the way it feels to lose your grip on reality; going from anxiety and claustrophobia to unbridled chaos,” said drummer Cooper Meyer in a statement. “It’s set in a solitary confinement room, where the subjective POV makes it hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s not.”

“Stylistically we took a lot of inspiration from early 2000s MTV clips, especially some of the wackier ones you’d see after 12am,” added Meyer’s brother, vocalist/guitarist Josh. “Being a fully DIY operation, we have a lot of fun creating our videos and the world they exist in. Considering our other music videos feature a massive floating eyeball cult-leader and a human fish-tank, I think it really shows!”

According to Josh, ‘Bubblegum’ was written about “a ‘last straw’ moment in a dumpster-fire of a relationship, where you have no choice but to cut someone toxic out of your life”.

“It’s a raw, unfiltered response to finally escaping an environment of constant anxiety and paranoia,” he continued. “There’s a certain clarity amongst the burning rage you feel, where you just go, ‘Finally this stupid-ass emotional rollercoaster is over. Goodbye! See you never!’”


The band’s aesthetic is also heavily inspired by 2000s pop-punk icons like Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne, who Cooper has praised for “turning their angsty, ‘f*** the world’ thoughts into pop-punk bangers”.

“I think we naturally leaned in to that vibe whilst tapping into our love of experimental and futuristic production,” he said.

‘Bubblegum’ is the second slice of new material to come from Those Who Dream in 2021, following the standalone single ‘Tension Headache’ in February. The latter found success after the track went viral earlier this year, racking up over a million views on TikTok.

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