Listen to Thurston Moore cover Galaxie 500’s ‘Another Day’

For an ongoing covers series honouring the beloved dream-pop outfit

Thurston Moore has shared his contribution to this month’s ongoing Galaxie 500 covers series, releasing his take on the legendary dream-pop band’s ‘Another Day’. The track originally featured on Galaxie 500’s 1989 album ‘On Fire’.

Watch the Sonic Youth guitarist’s take on ‘Another Day’ below:


In addition to Moore, the likes of Real Estate, Surfer Blood and Mark Lanegan are all participating in the month-long project. It’s something of a consolation after the cancellation of a tribute concert scheduled to take place this month in Brooklyn to celebrate Galaxie 500’s live album ‘Copenhagen’ being reissued on vinyl.

“Earlier this year, a concert of covers of Galaxie 500 songs was planned for Record Store Day at Rough Trade Brooklyn, to coincide with the release of ‘Copenhagen’ on vinyl,” organisers commented when announcing the project.

“The event unfortunately didn’t happen due to the pandemic, but some of the performers are recording home videos which we’re presenting online.”

In a statement, Moore recounted being introduced to the band and seeing them live.

“I first heard of Galaxie 500 when I was walking around downtown NYC 1988 with Susanne Sasic, who was working with Sonic Youth, first as a t-shirt seller at the gigs, then as lighting designer, and we saw a little flyer wheatpasted on a wall with Galaxie 500’s name on it where they were playing a gig at some long lost little space,” Moore explained.

“Susanne, who was also working at the legendary Pier Platters record store in Hoboken NJ, mentioned that the band had a single (“Tugboat”/”King Of Spain”) which was super cool. She was absolutely right about the single though I don’t recall going to the gig. But eventually I saw them and was struck by their mellifluous minimalism and swooning ‘verb-drenched slather tone.


“Of course, they were already classic and, of course, they would, and will, always remain one of the best, most remarkable bands from a time when being noisy, aggressive, amped up and skuzzy was the prescription of the day — Galaxie 500, in some otherworldly way, brought us back to Earth so we could recalibrate and soar anew.”

Last month, Moore shared new single ‘Cantaloupe’ ahead of his forthcoming album ‘By the Fire’, set to arrive in September.

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