Listen to Tom Ridgewell’s first solo single as TB Ridge as the Director

The Constant Mongrel and Woollen Kits member's debut solo EP arrives next month

Tom Ridgewell of cult underground favourites Constant Mongrel, Woollen Kits and Calamari Girls has shared his first solo single, under the new moniker TB Ridge as the Director.

‘Rock n Roll Heart’ is the lead single from Ridgewell’s forthcoming EP of the same name, which is due to arrive November 20 via Anti Fade. Stream it below:


Self-recorded at home in Melbourne, Ridgewell’s debut solo offering marks something of a departure from the esoteric post-punk of Constant Mongrel and Woollen Kits’ jangly garage-pop.

As its title implies, ‘Rock n Roll Heart’ sees Ridgewell at once leaning heavily into classic rock ‘n’ roll aesthetics while humorously subverting their traditions.

Each track was built around repetition and layering, with its title track pairing distorted rock riffs with electronic drums – despite the song’s lyrics expressing a distaste for the latter. Ridgewell cites the likes of mid-career Lou Reed, Brian Eno, The Runaways and Spacemen 3 as influences for the EP.

Constant Mongrel, which also features members of Terry and Nun, released their latest album ‘Living in Excellence’ back in 2018. They followed it up last year with the two-song ‘Experts in Skin’.

Woollen Kits have been largely inactive over the past few years, last releasing their ‘Girl with Heart’ 7″ back in 2015. They’ve sporadically played shows in Melbourne and Sydney throughout that time.