Listen to Wargasm’s tearing new single ‘Fukstar’

The band’s upcoming ‘Mixxxtape’ is primed for release later in the summer

Wargasm have returned with the second preview of their upcoming debut full-length, ‘Explicit: The Mixxxtape’, cranking the energy up to 11 with ‘Fukstar’.

In a press release, the London duo – consisting of bassist Milkie Way and guitarist Sam Matlock, both of whom share lead vocals – explained that ‘Fukstar’ takes aim at capitalist parasites. They wrote: “Every day the rich seem to get richer and the poor get left behind.

“Old men are flying off in rockets with celebrities while murdering our environment. Fukstar is the soundtrack to Wargasm’s disillusionment with the nature of the corporate billionaires, and the idiots that let them gain power, who seemingly have our world in a chokehold. You aren’t gods, you’re just another Fukstar.”


Watch the accompanying music video for ‘Fukstar’, directed by Vicente Cordero, below:

NME caught up with Wargasm at Download 2022 last month, where Matlock said of the concept behind ‘Fukstar’: “I’m not somebody who gets political, because short of going and murdering everyone there’s not much I can actually do. I’m not the biggest fan of peaceful protests or performative activism… So it’s nice to be able to let off steam in a song.

“It keeps me sane and stops me doing something irresponsible that will prevent me from getting into America or Japan. Hopefully people will read the lyrics and get something from it but it is a fun song as well.”

On his and Way’s aim for ‘Explicit: The Mixxxtape’ – which is still yet to be dated, but on track to come out later in the summer – Matlock said: “I feel like people deserve something more from us. The mixtape is less about being catchy and having good, refined songwriting. It’s more about fucking about and seeing how it feels.”

In addition to ‘Fukstar’, ‘Explicit’ will feature May’s single ‘D.R.I.L.D.O.’ – it’s unknown, however, if earlier tracks like ‘Salma Hayek’, ‘Rage All Over’ and ‘Lapdance’ will also be included. Between 2019 and 2021, the duo released a total of 11 standalone singles.


Wargasm will perform both of their new songs on their upcoming UK headline tour, which kicks off in Belfast on Friday October 14 and runs through to Thursday October 27. Before then, Wargasm will support Limp Bizkit on their European tour next month, and perform at this year’s Riot Fest in the US. You can find tickets for those UK tour dates here.