Listen to Wave Racer’s new instrumental ‘What Are We Waiting For?’

He's also announced his first Australian headline tour in five years

Wave Racer is back once again, today releasing a brand new instrumental titled ‘What Are We Waiting For?’

‘What Are We Waiting For?’ marks the second single the producer and multi-instrumentalist – real name Tom Purcell – has released in 2021, following on from last month’s ‘Left Behind’.

In addition, Wave Racer will embark on his first headline Australian tour in five years in support of the new track, playing shows in Sydney and Melbourne.


Listen to ‘What Are We Waiting For?’ below.

In a press statement, Purcell explains the song was the result of creative restrictions and restraint he placed on himself as an exercise.

“This is the result of a creative exercise involving deliberate restriction – a proof of concept to prioritise process over materials,” Purcell explained.

“I limited my sound sources so I would have to be more creative with how I used them, kind of like playing a guitar with only 2 strings instead of 6. It forced me to produce the music in a very different way to normal. Every drum sound was crafted from the same tiny piece of non-musical noise.

“The result is this really dense, noisey, shuffling drum groove that I would never normally come up with,” he continued.


“Composing this ended up challenging my own hesitations surrounding my creative process, hence the title. More broadly, it’s just a really sonically interesting instrumental track, I guess like a study in sound design process, which was super helpful for me.”

Purcell said the lack of touring over the last five years was due to his relatively quick rise to notability.

“I don’t think I was ready for any of that,” he said. “I’m normally very cautious with the decisions that I make… I thought I was managing the attention at the time but I wasn’t coping very healthily. I was so worried about how people were going to perceive me if I made one wrong step. It was a recipe for anxiety.”

Wave Racer’s forthcoming two shows, one in Sydney and in Melbourne, will be taking place this July. Tickets are on sale now.

Wave Racer’s 2021 headline tour dates are:


Friday 9 – Sydney, The Lansdowne
Thursday 15 – Melbourne, Northcote Social Club