Listen to Wave Racer’s new single ‘Heart’s Not In It’

Purcell said the song “acts as an addendum” to his 2021 debut album

Wave Racer has today (October 21) released the standalone single ‘Heart’s Not In It’, accompanying the song with a self-directed music video.

The track sees Wave Racer lament the mixed messages of a relationship atop folky guitar strums and a glitchy pop beat. “You had me feeling pretty special for a minute,” Wave Racer – real name Thomas Purcell – sings in the euphoric chorus, “but your heart’s not in it.” Speaking of the song in a press statement, Purcell said ‘Heart’s Not In It’ “acts as an addendum” to his previous projects.

“I’m interrogating the same insecurities with the same self-awareness,” Purcell said, “and attempting to gain strength from that process.”


The accompanying music video was directed by Purcell himself, and situates the singer in front of a greenscreen with various superimposed images flickering behind him. Purcell said the playful visuals – which feature him dancing alongside a screenshot of his own Wikipedia page – feel “both chaotic and direct”.

“I wanted to put this idea in the video by trying out as many cheap visual tricks and techniques as I could, using as many sources as I could reasonably access, and in doing so I ended up creating a kind of video … unique to my own unfiltered decision-making,” Purcell explained.

‘Heart’s Not In It’ marks Purcell’s first original material since his 2021 debut album, ‘To Stop From Falling Off The Earth’. That record was previewed by the singles ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Left Behind’, and will form the basis of Wave Racer’s upcoming remix album set for release later this year.

In a four-star review of ‘To Stop From Falling Off The Earth’, NME described the album as Wave Racer’s “most emotionally revealing and resonant music yet”.

“He revels in an apparent nostalgia for MTV synth-rock and ’90s pop-punk, delivering punchy melodies, flashing keys and prominent guitar,” it read.