Listen to Yeo make his return with new single ‘U In?’

Marking his first single of 2021

Melbourne artist and producer Yeo has released his first single of 2021 in celebration of the Lunar New Year with ‘U In?’.

‘U In?’ marks a return to the sound Yeo broke on to the scene with, using some strutting basslines and ending with a keytar solo – a cornerstone of some of his earlier work.

The song, released on Friday (February 12) in time for the Lunar New Year, also marks the first in what’s promised to be a string of singles throughout 2021.


Listen to ‘U In?’ below.

‘U In?’ is the first solo cut Yeo has released in some years, following a largely collaborative 2020. Most notably, he charted new territory when he teamed up with Taiwanese-Australian artist Chendy for ‘好好的過 (Have A Nice Life)’ – Yeo’s first song predominantly not in the English language.

“Singing in Mandarin for the first time definitely had me feeling self-conscious, even though I studied it for six years as a child,” Yeo said of the song at the time of its release.

“I know I will never sound like a native speaker but I thought, Korean artists do it all the time, so I should at least have a go.”


He also lent his production skills to Sydney artist Brendan Maclean for his 2020 single, ‘Gemini‘, which arrived in September.