Liturgy singer Hunter Hunt-Hendrix comes out as transgender: “I’ve finally broken free”

"I am a woman. I’ve always been one."

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, the lead singer of US black metal group Liturgy, has come out as transgender.

In a statement posted on the band’s social media channels, she wrote: “I am a woman. I’ve always been one. The love I have to give is a woman’s love, if only because it is mine.”

Hunter-Hendrix went on to explain how she knew she was transgender before forming the band, but was afraid to come out.

She wrote: “This statement is essentially making itself. I have no choice, there is no way for me to stop it from coming out, I am simply surrendering to it. I say this as an artist in a way, but ultimately it’s about my own relationship to my emotions and my body.

“Through a long-developing process, I’ve finally broken free from some kind of compromise I felt I needed to accept, without being fully conscious of what I was doing or able to seriously imagine an alternative for myself.

“It has been very emotional, and it’s over now, so I am punctuating it.”

Liturgy founded in New York in 2005, and have become renowned for their genre-spanning blend of black metal – often incorporating genres such as prog-rock and hip-hop.

Their most recent release came in 2019’s ‘H.A.Q.Q’ – their fourth album.