Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, TV Colours and more feature on new live album

'Under the Yellow Lamp' features ten live tracks from independent Canberra bands

A slew of local bands feature on a new live compilation from Canberra recording studio Ebden Studios, released almost a year after they were first recorded.

‘Under the Yellow Lamp: Live at the Polo’ features tracks by ten independent acts from the nation’s capital recorded live over three nights back in September 2019 at the Polish Club in Canberra. Contributors to the compilation include Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, TV Colours, New Age Group, Slow Turismo, Dog Name and more.

Stream ‘Under the Yellow Lamp: Live at the Polo’ below. You can purchase a digital download or pre-order a limited edition vinyl edition here via Bandcamp.


The compilation was recorded by Ebden Studios’ Fiete Geier. The included tracks were captured under the yellow lamp from Canberra venue The Phoenix, where the album was originally meant to be recorded.

In addition, Ebden Studios have shared a video of New Age Group performing their contribution to the compilation, the previously unreleased ‘I’ll Be Someone New’. Watch it below:

Notably, the compilation features the first recording from TV Colours since the noise-pop project released their sole album, ‘Purple Skies, Toxic River’.

They contribute a live rendition of a track from the 2013 album, ‘I Soon Found Out My Lonely Life Wasn’t So Pretty’.


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