Lokett shares soulful new single ‘Look Up’

The track's video arrives with a cinematic visual shot on the streets of Japan

R&B/soul singer Lokett has unveiled her latest single, ‘Look Up’, along with an accompanying music video.

Watch the clip below:


‘Look Up’ is the second single from the Brisbane native, following ‘Don’t Run’, released in May last year.

Lokett describes the new song as a means to combat negative thoughts and energy, and is about “manifesting change for oneself and others”.

“This song was made to fight back any negative thoughts or feelings about being held back and dealing with unwanted change,” Lokett said in a statement.

“Originally, this was a personal anthem [now] made into one for others to relate to and feel more empowered about change. ‘Look Up’ is giving a new perspective on how to address [that] change.”

The music video for ‘Look Up’ was shot on the streets of Osaka, Kyoto, Shinjuku and Azabu-Juban in Japan. The visual was brought to life with assistance from Kevin Bar (Moonboy Entertainment).


“We shot the film clip while on holiday adventuring through Japan,” says Lokett.

“Nearly everyday [sic] at some point, we would film part of the clip, run up many different buildings to find filmable roof tops and scout lots of different locations through each town and city we were in.”