Lola Scott hits ‘save’ on love with dancey new single ‘DELETE MY HISTORY (ctrl+alt+delete)’

It marks the Sydney pop artist's first release for 2022

Sydney alt-pop artist Lola Scott has shared a jaunty new single titled ‘DELETE MY HISTORY (ctrl+alt+delete)’, marking her first release for 2022 and her debut for new labels AWAL and Dew Process.

Primed for bustling club dancefloors, the song melds a dry and punchy beat with woozy, atmospheric synths evocative of ‘80s synthpop. Scott’s infatuating vocals take the spotlight, though, as she quips on the track’s ultra-catchy chorus: “I’m not looking for another rebound / I’m not dating anyone with skinny jeans now / Put me on the bench, I’m referee now / Out of their league now / I hit save on you and me / I can delete my history.”

The track arrives alongside an animated video, helmed by UK artist Olive Nash (aka Snash Art). Take a look at that below:


In a press release, Scott explained that ‘DELETE MY HISTORY (ctrl+alt+delete)’ was initially written as a personal analysis of her current relationship, “comparing my first healthy relationship to my toxic ex-boyfriends”. She continued: “I’ve always been a bit of a ‘commitmo-phobe’ because of some shitty relationships in the past but this one felt different.

“In the past I had always related being in relationships to possessiveness and jealousy from my partners. I was comparing those behaviours of my exes to the trust of my new relationship and realising what a good relationship could feel like. I also talk about not feeling like someone wants to change who you are as a person and instead loving who you already are.”

On the track’s accompanying video – Scott’s second collaboration with Nash, following last year’s clip for ‘Jogging Shoes’ – Scott said: “As soon as I saw Olive’s drawings I knew I had to collaborate with them… I love the idea of the visual animations becoming an ongoing part of my project and I think Olive captures the perfect visuals to match music.”

‘DELETE MY HISTORY (ctrl+alt+delete)’ follows the standalone single ‘You’re The Worst Thing To Happen To Me Since 1993’, a collaboration with Mel Blue that landed last November.


Scott is currently working on the follow-up to her debut EP, ‘1/4 Life Crisis’, which she released independently last May. Two months later, she followed the record up with a two-track release titled ‘If You Start To Resent Me Think of Me When We Were 20’.

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