Lola Scott releases catchy new single ‘The Eviction Song’

The first cut from her forthcoming debut EP '1/4 Life Crisis'

Sydney-based alt-pop artist Lola Scott has released her new single today (October 30), a catchy offering called ‘The Eviction Song’.

It’s the first taste from Scott’s forthcoming debut EP ‘1/4 Life Crisis’, which currently has no set release date.

Listen to ‘The Eviction Song’ below:


Announcing the track’s impending arrival earlier this week, Scott took to social media to share polaroid pictures from her time in a sharehouse that inspired the song.

“Recently my whole creative process has been working with a bunch of close friends so I hope my lyrics feel like sharing stories with your mates,” she wrote.

“I’m constantly amazed by the talent of my friends. Wrote this one with @oscarsharah who is a great pal & one of my favourite people to collaborate with. I’m actually so fucking excited to share the EP we’ve been working on.”

Elaborating on the story behind ‘The Eviction Song’ in a press release, Scott said it was inspired by her lived experience.


“Earlier this year, my housemates and I were evicted from our house. We’re not sure what for, but can only assume the many house parties (leading to many noise complaints) didn’t help,” she said.

“When I wrote this song it was my 6th move in the last 4 years; and this house was by far one of most chaotic share-houses I’ve ever lived in. The song developed from the idea that when you live with a bunch of wild cards, and have the type of landlord who hoards things under the floorboards, you can never please everyone.”

It’s the latest in a slew of tracks Scott has released this year, starting off with ‘Take Me Back’ in April. She followed up with ‘tmb’, ‘crowded conscience’ and ‘cyclone weather’, with the latter two released as a duo under the name ‘the night i ran away and tried to sleep at the skatepark’.

Scott is set to play two shows in the next month, with dates locked in for November 12 and November 26. Tickets for the shows can be found here.

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