Lord Jamar hits back at Eminem over his response to claims white rappers are “guests” in hip-hop

"This shit is case closed"

Lord Jamar has hit back over Eminem‘s response to his original claims that white rappers are guests in hip-hop.

It comes after a long running beef between the pair which started after the Brand Nubian rapper called Eminem out in a series of interviews.

Eminem responded by calling Jamar out on his track ‘Fall’ from his surprise 2018 album.


Despite their beef, Slim Shady recently agreed that Jamar’s claims were correct and he was a guest in hip-hop.

“That’s the funny thing. I don’t know if I got a chance to say this yet. The funny shit is, with the whole beef of a certain person, I never said I wasn’t a guest,” he said presumably referring to Jamar. “I’m absolutely a guest. I never said I wasn’t. I never said I was king of anything, right?”

Now, Jamar has now tried to close the book on the subject, writing in a series of tweets: “I guess his EGO wouldn’t allow him to say ‘Lord Jamar was right the whole time, & I was buggin for coming at him the way I did…my bad…I am a guest in the house of Hip Hop. But at least the EGO was quelled enough to admit what I’d been saying all along’.”


He added: “This shit is case closed, now all together repeat after me…WHITE PEOPLE ARE GUESTS IN THE HOUSE OF HIP HOP THAT BLACK PEOPLE BUILT! Thank you and good night. (Drops mic and leaves podium).”

Eminem released new album ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ last month. A three-star NME review of the album said: “The 47-year-old has surprise-released another album. This one veers between maturity and adolescent outbursts, between clumsy pop commercialism and something close to outsider art. If he sometimes sounds stuck in the past, Eminem also proves himself capable of growth.”

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