Lorde’s sister Indy Yelich releases debut single ‘Threads’

“I've always had a very distinct voice but now, at 23, I finally feel I know exactly what I’m trying to say”

Indy Yelich, the little sister of Lorde, has released their debut single – check out ‘Threads’ below.

After teasing the track yesterday (September 14), Indy has now shared the full, slow-burning electro-pop track.

According to a press release, it’s inspired by the likes of Bon Iver, Kacey Musgraves and Tears For Fears as well as writers like Ocean Vuong, Frank O’Hara and Alex Dimitrov. Check out ‘Threads’ below:



“‘Threads’ is about the fear of letting a relationship consume me,” Indy said. “I wrote this song when I was going through a very on-off relationship for years. When I think of this song I think of a passionate argument, miscommunication, the excitement of New York City night life. A toxic, messy love affair. Flashbacks of the moments shared together vs being out surrounded by friends, always caught in between. This song is so special to me as it depicts what being in love at 23 feels like; chaotic, hopeful, passionate.”

“I’ve always had a very distinct voice but now, at 23, I finally feel I know exactly what I’m trying to say,” she added.

Indy has released a series of poetry books in recent years and announced her debut single earlier this week. “Can’t wait for you to hear,” she said on Twitter. “I’ve lived with this song on the subway, driving around blasting it in friends cars for a second now.”


Taking to Instagram, she revealed that she’s been “secretly working away at music for 4 years and I’m finally ready to share this part of me with you.”

“I knew right after we made it that this was the first thing that had to come out. I hope you love it as much as I have loved living with it this past year,” she added.

Elsewhere, Lorde recently shared an update on upcoming new music, saying that she had been “spending long days in a dark room” working on it.