Lorelei share new single ‘Pale’

Inspired by the films of David Lynch

Sydney dream-pop duo Lorelei have shared a new, noirish single, entitled ‘Pale’. It’s their third release to date, following their previous two singles ‘I Am a Road’ and ‘Skylight’.

The dreamy doom of ‘Pale’ is about a “lingering obsession with memory following the demise of a relationship”.

“It’s about how a longing for what we can no longer reach can be both terrible and beautiful,” the band wrote alongside the track.


Listen to ‘Pale’ below:

Lorelei are named after the 1984 Cocteau Twins song of the same name, which in turn belongs to a famous rock in the Rhine River near Sankt Goarshausen, Germany. According to mythology, a siren lures fishermen to their deaths on the rock.

Lorelei vocalist Claudia Schmidt is also one of the founding members of guitar pop band Betty and Oswald, and played as part of Brightness’ live band. Alex McKnight (aka Brightness himself), Pat McCarthy of City Rose and Ryan Adamson from Hotel, have previously been session players for the band.

Schmidt met the future other half of Lorelei, Arlen McArthy, at a party and hit it off musically despite their differing stylistic backgrounds.


Their debut single, ‘I Am a Road’, arrived in June of last year, recorded by Lachlan Mitchell – known for his work with The Jezabels. Upon its release, it was said it belonged to a forthcoming EP recorded with Mitchell at Parliament Studios. It’s unclear whether ‘Pale’ or ‘Skylight’ also belong to the same future work.