LOSER returns with frustrated new track ‘On The Edge’

A song about "feeling overwhelmed by the anxiety of living and trying to overcome those fears"

Melbourne punks LOSER have returned with a frustrated new track by the name of ‘On The Edge’, out now via Domestic La La.

The single dives into the world of vocalist and guitarist Tim Maxwell, who sunk into a dark hole of personal struggles during Victoria’s COVID-19 lockdown last year.

Maxwell’s moments of anxiety and uncertainty are reflected in the accompanying music video for ‘On The Edge’, where he’s shown standing in a dimly lit room amongst chaotic glitching screens. Take a look below.


Maxwell had this to say of the track in a press statement: “’On The Edge’ is a song about feeling overwhelmed by the anxiety of living and trying to overcome those fears by being happy with who you are and accepting yourself. Sometimes it’s easy to hide these feelings under the rug and put on a brave face but someday it will eat you alive and bare its true colours.”

“This song was recorded when I was going through all of those thoughts in my head…it’s the closest I’ve been to a complete breakdown, but I went on to face those fears and felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. This song feels cathartic to that time now and I’m proud of what we produced.”

This is the third of a recent string of singles from LOSER, which saw ‘All I Need’ and ‘Upside Down’ joint-released back in February.

‘On The Edge’ was self-produced by the band in their recently launched Restless Noise Studios in Melbourne. Work on the recording venue began in 2020 when Maxwell and his brother Tim had an idea to convert their parents garage into a fully functioning studio.


Restless Noise Studios – coined after LOSER’s 2013 EP of the same name – opened to the public earlier this year in January.