Watch the powerful new video for ‘Strange Angels’ from rock supergroup Loup GarouX

"It sounds like a huge howling hurricane"

Supergroup Loup GarouX have released a powerful new video today (May 28) to accompany their latest single ‘Strange Angels’ — watch it first on NME below.

Featuring Mercury Award-nominated artist Ed Harcourt, (guitar and vocals), Gorillaz‘s Cass Browne (drums and vocals) and The Feeling‘s Richard Jones (bass and vocals), the new song is inspired by a near-death experience.

Speaking exclusively to NME, the band explain: “’Strange Angels’ is an explosive Milton-esque narrative of… near-death experience, purgatory, revelation, redemption and a final return. The title though is borrowed from the biography of occultist rocket-scientist Jack Parsons.”


They continued: “It was actually the first song we wrote together – and the majority of the recording is largely untouched from those original first takes, save for the masterful mix by the one and only Cenzo Townshend.

“The lyrics, the melodies, vocal takes – all from that first explosion that day. Ed’s blistering guitar solo is also the first and only time he picked the guitar up to just try something out. A deft touch of genius. [We’re] really proud of this. It’s phenomenal. It sounds like a huge howling hurricane.”

You can watch the video for ‘Strange Angels’ here:

The supergroup debuted last October when they shared the visceral single ‘Painter Of Trophies’ along with ‘Sleep Forever’, which was used as the theme song to the hit ITV2 comedy Zomboat.

In December, they dropped the Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Mercury Rev-inspired ‘I Know The Truth About You’, which came with a video directed by photographer Steve Gullick.


“I love that there’s a loucheness to the sound and that it feels quite nonchalant,” said Harcourt of the song at the time. “It’s got to have that swagger. Even in its darkness, it’s still got to make you move.”

Loup GarouX’s debut album is currently being mixed by Cenzo Townshend (U2, Florence + The Machine, The Maccabees) and will be released in 2020.

“The idea of being in a band or a democracy was something that hadn’t really appealed to me,” said Harcourt of the chemistry of the band.

“I was much happier doing my own thing. But there’s something special about being in a gang of good friends and co-conspirators making great music, especially as all of our songs are written entirely collaboratively. I feel like we’re going into war with this band. I’m so excited and proud of my fellow comrades.”

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