Lovelyz address their departure from Woollim for the first time

"I think that we will always be one”

Lovelyz have spoken out about their departure from Woollim Entertainment for the first time with handwritten letters.

Yesterday (November 1), Woollim Entertainment noted in a statement to South Korean media that seven of the group’s members – Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong and Yein – would depart from Woollim after their contacts expire on November 16. Meanwhile, Baby Soul, the group’s leader, is set to renew her contract with the company.

All eight members of the group have since spoke up about the situation with handwritten letters, per Soompi. “I sincerely thank everyone for all of the love I’ve received while promoting as Lovelyz for seven years since 2014,” wrote Baby Soul. “I sincerely hope that you will warmly support not only the decision that I made, but also our members who will each embark on a new start in different places.”


“We Lovelyz will each go our own ways, but I think that we will always be one,” Mijoo wrote. Meanwhile Yein hoped that the group members would “continue to be with Lovelinus (Lovelyz’ fanbase) from our respective places”.

Kei and Jin thanked their fellow Lovelyz members for the years they spent as a group, while Jiae and Jisoo addressed concerns about the group’s future. “I want to tell you that Lovelyz will continue to stay together. So… I hope you won’t be too sad,” wrote Jisoo.

“To me, Lovelyz is a dream in itself, and I hope that it will stay not only in my heart, but also in the hearts of Lovelinus today, tomorrow, and forever like a dream that visits you every night,” Sujeong added. “I hope that we can greet you again as Lovelyz when the time is right.”

Lovelyz had been Woollim Entertainment’s first girl group, making their debut in 2014 with the single ‘Candy Jelly Love’. Over the course of their career, the group released popular song such as’Now, We’, ‘Destiny’ and ‘Ah-Choo’.

The group’s most recent release was ‘Obliviate’, from their seventh mini-album ‘Unforgettable’. The song peaked at 93 on the Gaon Digital Chart, the South Korean equivalent of the Billboard Hot 100.

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