Lovelyz reportedly planned to release one “last album” before contract woes

"Some members have expressed resentment and disappointment towards Woollim"

Lovelyz reportedly had plans to release one one last album before parting ways with their longtime agency Woollim Entertainment.

Yesterday (November 2), YouTuber and former entertainment reporter Lee Jin-ho claimed in a new video that discussions between the group’s members and Woollim over renewal of their contracts had initially been a positive affair, with the members purportedly voicing their willingness to remain under the agency.

His video comes just days after Woollim announced that seven out of the eight members of Lovelyz have decided part ways with the company after their contracts expire on November 16. However, neither the company nor the members of Lovelyz had referred to the situation as a “disbandment”.


“If the agency showed an active will, Lovelyz could continue even if it wouldn’t be a complete group,” Lee alleged in his video, according to a translation by Reddit user h_yeri. “It was the disagreement in the last album which resulted in the disbandment”.

However, Lee claimed that an “unexpected disagreement” arose before the release of Lovelyz’s final album, and that a “conflict” arose between the agency’s representatives and the members of the girl group. Neither Woollim Entertainment nor the members of Lovelyz have publicly addressed the claims made by Lee Jin-ho as of writing.

In his video, Lee also touched on the potential future of the Lovelyz members, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong and Yein have all decided to part ways with Woollim, leaving leader Baby Soul as the only member who renewed her contract.

“The members’ future plans are very different, such as actors, broadcasters and singers,” he alleged. “The members are in contact with new companies. I heard from an agency official who contacted the members, and some members have expressed resentment and disappointment towards Woollim.”


Yesterday (November 1), the members of Lovelyz have spoke out about their departure from Woollim Entertainment with handwritten letters. The group thanked their fellow members for the years they spent as a group, while some also addressed concerns about their future.

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