Luca Brasi and Slowly Slowly team up for new split EP

Each band contributed an acoustic song written in self-isolation

Australian punk favourites Slowly Slowly and Luca Brasi have teamed up to release a new split single, with each act sharing a new song recorded in self-isolation.

Slowly Slowly’s contribution is a primarily acoustic track called ‘Slow Learner’ which features an understated cello line courtesy of Eileen Sparks.

“This song was recorded in about 15 minutes in my bedroom at home,” explained frontman Ben Stewart in a statement accompanying the single. “The song is about giving from a place of emptiness & how it always ends badly.”


Meanwhile, Luca Brasi have offered a track titled ‘Yossarian’ about the protagonist of Joseph Heller’s 1961 novel Catch-22.

“I’ve been on and off writing songs about the novel Catch 22 for years. Start a dumb idea, then stop. Big dreams of a concept album…. one day,” commented the band’s Tyler Richardson. “But for now, this tune is about Yossarian from the novel, and his outlook on life; bleak or as sensible as you take it.”

The bands released the split as a 7″ vinyl earlier today (June 19). The limited-run single sold out almost immediately, with all copies rapidly snapped up by fans.

Back in February, Slowly Slowly released their third album ‘Race Car Blues’ alongside a planned national tour. That’s since been postponed to October and November due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Earlier that month, Luca Brasi dropped a new single titled ‘This Selfish Love’, also announcing a headline tour that included New York punks Drug Church. The band have since cancelled that tour altogether.