Luca Brasi’s Tyler Richardson launches solo project with angelic single ‘Text Her’

Ty linked up with Slowly Slowly’s Ben Stewart to bring his debut solo record to life

Luca Brasi frontman Tyler Richardson has made his official debut as a solo artist, sharing the emotive new single ‘Text Her’.

It’s a far cry from the punchy, energetic pub-rock fans of Luca Brasi would know the artist for, with clean acoustic strumming, glassy grand piano notes and a much more subdued, melancholic vocal style.

“I wrote this tune about how much I thought I shunned the idea of the life I have now,” It Richardson explained in an accompanying statement.


“I used to think it was kinda meaningless to have a place, live in the suburbs, live a bit more quietly. [But my life] kind of just ended up that way and I don’t think I’ve been happier, [but] with that being said there’s this weird pull of two ways in how I still hate all the suburbia in my head. I feel like I couldn’t be luckier with the life I get to live, [and] this song is appreciating all of that.”

Have a look at the suitably lowkey music video for ‘Text Her’, directed by Jack Llyod-Parker, below:

Though ‘Text Her’ is Richardson’s first proper single as a solo artist, it technically isn’t the first song he’s released on his own. In June of 2020, Luca Brasi joined forces with Slowly Slowly to release a split single – the former’s inclusion being ‘Yossarian’ – which Richardson recorded without his three bandmates.

It was that experience that led Richardson to consider the idea of a solo project, he said, noting that he saw the prospect of writing an entire album without Luca Brasi as something of a challenge.

Though details on that album are yet to be revealed, Richardson confirmed its existence and completion, with ‘Text Her’ serving as its lead single. He was aided in the creative process by Slowly Slowly frontman Ben Stewart, who’d previously helped out in the development of ‘Yossarian’. Richardson said he “beyond stoked” to be working with Stewart, with the experience being “nothing short of amazing”.


“We’re old, old mates,” he continued, “and he just seems to get me and what I was trying to do.”

As for the future of Luca Brasi, Richardson assured fans that his solo endeavours will never replace the long-revered quartet. “Brasi will always be my Number One,” he asserted, “but feeling my way through this [solo project] has been unreal. Doing this has done so much good for my songwriting – I hope it shows.”

Luca Brasi have released five studio albums since 2011, with their most recent being last February’s ‘Everything Is Tenuous’. In a roundup of 2021’s most highly anticipated albums, NME’s David James Young highlighted the record’s “heart, hooks and endearing honesty”.

Last December, the band shared a standalone single, ‘Jackies Are On The March’, which doubled as an original theme tune for the Tasmania JackJumpers. It came in celebration of the JackJumpers’ inclusion in the 2021–22 season of the National Basketball League.