Lucy Sugerman releases debut single ‘i wanna kiss boys cos i’m bored’

The Canberra singer interviews previous exes in the light-hearted music video

Canberra pop singer Lucy Sugerman has released her debut solo single, entitled ‘i wanna kiss boys cos i’m bored’.

The song, released today (November 26), follows on from her September collaboration with LANKS, ‘I’d Do It All Again’. Singer-songwriter Hauskey produced the single, and also served as one of its three co-writers alongside Madeline Crabtree (aka MUKI) and Sugerman herself.

Sugerman has also shared the single’s accompanying music video, which she directed. In the humorous clip, the singer sets up shop at a cafe with her friends, where they grill various exes on their past relationships with Sugerman.


Watch it below:

In a statement, Sugerman explained that the song deals with her experience of “seeing other people solely to try and get over an ex.”

“It’s something I experienced on both sides, a worrying amount of times,” she said. “I’d be telling someone I don’t want anything serious, and they’d say the same, and then for some twisted reason, we’d end up talking about our exes. Feelings are weird.”

The singer goes on to note that the song “explores the concept of those kind of rebound relationships in a bit of cheeky and tongue-in-cheek way”.

Sugerman will be launching the single with a headlining show at The Abbey in her hometown of Canberra tomorrow night. LIV LI and Finn Burton will serve as supports for the show.