Luke Steele calms his anxieties on latest solo single ‘Running, Running’

Steele claims the song is about "the mind and its rich landscape of diamonds"

Luke Steele – best known as the frontman of Empire Of The Sun – has shared another track from his forthcoming debut solo album, entitled ‘Running, Running’.

The single, released today (April 5), is the fourth track released thus far from ‘Listen To The Water’. ‘Common Man’ was shared to coincide with the album’s announcement in February, while ‘Armageddon Slice’ and ‘Pool of Love’ were both released the following month.

An accompanying music video has been shared for the new single, which was shot and directed by Steele’s wife Jodie. Watch it below:


In a press statement, Steele described the new single as “a patiently unfolding lullaby that grasps at calm in a moment of anxiety”. Ahead of its release, Steele took to Instagram to thank fans for their support on his previous singles and to reflect on the forthcoming single’s themes.

“As much as I love music, the mental torment and punishing anxiety that comes with it can bend you into some strange paradigms,” he wrote.

“It’s comforting when it moves people. This song… delves into that: The mind and its rich landscape of diamonds.”

‘Listen to the Water’ is set for release on May 13. It comes less than a year after Steele’s previous album, the self-titled debut for H3000 – a project forged with producer and songwriter Jarrad Rogers. Selecting it as one of the most anticipated released of the month, NME described the album as “a grandly ambitious pop odyssey that’s at once future-facing and deeply nostalgic.”