Macklemore teases upcoming collaboration with Tones And I

He teased the joint venture with a catchy hook in an Instagram

Macklemore has taken to social media to post a teaser for an upcoming collaboration with Tones And I.

The short clip sees Macklemore – real name Benjamin Haggerty – vibing in a sleek car to a lilting piano melody and the unmistakeable voice of Tones And I (aka Toni Watson) singing: “You can’t take my voice from me / I will rise up.“. For the video’s caption, he wrote: “Can you guess who’s singing on the hook?”

Take a listen below:


Haggerty then posted a video telling fans that he’s “been working on some new music”, noting that he “brought a homie” into the mix before pulling the camera back to reveal Watson.

Though she’s been relatively silent on social media recently, Watson had in fact teased a collab with Haggerty in September 2021, posting a photo of her in-studio with the rapper.

It’s not yet known what the track itself is titled, or when it will drop.


The latest collaborative offering from Haggerty came in the form of ‘Next Year’, which saw the artist reunite with longtime creative partner Ryan Lewis. The release of the single last October marked the first time in five years that the duo worked on new music together.

Meanwhile, Watson – who is down to perform an this year’s Vanfest – recently performed a cover of ‘Guided By Angels’ by Amyl And The Sniffers. The singer’s take on the ‘Comfort To Me’ song happened as part of this year’s APRA Music Awards ceremony.

Earlier this year, the ‘Dance Monkey’ star also teased the release of her second album, saying it would likely be out in August. “I started writing, and I kept writing, and then I was like, ‘I have to put this stuff out, and I need to put it out quick because I’m going to get sick of it real soon,” she said back in January.

“I just told my managers, ‘I’m dropping an album,’ and they were like, ‘Sweet.’ Which is great – y’know, you shouldn’t really have to ask to release music.”