Maddy Jane enlists Ruby Fields, Odette & more for ‘You’re Not Mine’ music video

Alongside Annie Hamilton, Clews' Lily Richardson and more

Maddy Jane has cast a host of Aussie musicians, including Ruby Fields and Odette, to star alongside her in her new video for ‘You’re Not Mine (But I Think You Should Be)‘.

With a cast also featuring Annie Hamilton, Lily Richardson of Clews, Rosie Hamilton of I Know Leopard and triple J mornings presenter Lucy Smith, the video showcases the women busting into a barn with full Western attire, riding mechanical bulls and line dancing.

“I can’t believe we made this happen,” Jane said of the video on Instagram. “I love these ladies!! I’m so honoured to be amongst such weapons in music.”


Watch the video for ‘You’re Not Mine (But I Think You Should Be)’ below:

‘You’re Not Mine (But I Think You Should Be)’ premiered last month on NME, and marked Jane’s first single since the release of debut album ‘Not All Bad Or Good’ earlier this year.

“It’s actually crazy to me that this song came together when it did,” the songwriter told NME.

“We recorded it in late June and had only really brought it all together just after we did ‘Like A Version’, whilst we had my guitarist from Tassie up.

“So weird to think we did all of that in amongst everything that was going on!” she continued.


“Because of that this song was one of those ones where I wasn’t even sure if I was saying much. But once it was all done it was suddenly so clearly a song about self-love and that journey towards confidence.”