Maddy Jane gets bleak on emotive new single ‘You Wouldn’t Get Along With My Mum’

“This is that song for when you know you're right at the end of the relationship”

Maddy Jane has shared an emotive new single, ‘You Wouldn’t Get Along With My Mum’, alongside the details of an upcoming six-track EP.

“This is that song for when you know you’re right at the end of the relationship,” Jane said in a press release. “It’s that raw feeling. It’s sitting in the bleak reality of knowing two worlds don’t really go together and you need someone who will fit right in with the fam, when you actually ask yourself that question, it can be the big deal breaker.”

Jane wrote the song in early 2020 – just weeks before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic – and recorded it in the same week she appeared on triple j’s Like A Version to cover ‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Bedingfield. “[It’s] the last recording I have of the full band from that time,” she explained, noting that the song “has been through a journey” in the two years since it was first laid to tape.


Have a listen to ‘You Wouldn’t Get Along With My Mum’ below:

‘You Wouldn’t Get Along With My Mum’ marks the third single to come from Jane’s forthcoming ‘Island Time’ EP, following the title track last November and ‘It’s A Lot’ back in March. Due out on June 17 via Lemon Tree / Sony, it’s said to see Jane come full-circle as an artist, exploring her homecoming to Bruny Island, Tasmania and “highlighting the irony, dark humour and the slight sense of fear that comes with ending up exactly where you started”. 

As Jane explained of the record’s themes: “Coming to Bruny has forced me to go back to what is truly me and to understand what’s truly important.”

2020 saw the release of Jane’s debut album, ‘Not All Bad Or Good’, flanked by lead single ‘Perfection’s A Thing And You’re It’. NME gave the LP a four-star review, writer Ali Shutler calling it “a rough and ready collection of tracks set to inspire” and saying that “with the power to mend broken hearts or shatter them all over again, it’s a wild ride of smirking fury and tiny glances as the songs tackle everything from lust to childhood trauma”.


Also in 2020, Jane shared the standalone single ‘You’re Not Mine (But I Think You Should Be)’ and dropped a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s classic ‘Dreams’.