Maddy Jane to perform tracks from her debut album in YouTube livestream

The Tasmanian singer will showcase tracks off her album on Thursday May 7

Tasmanian breakthrough artist Maddy Jane is performing cuts off her recently released album ‘Not All Bad Or Good’ later this week.

Jane’s debut album was released on May 1 and, because she can’t follow the usual procedure of going on tour to celebrate, she’ll instead be jumping on YouTube for a livestream performance on Thursday May 7 at 7:30pm AEST.

In a tweet, Jane said she’ll be offering up a selection of songs off the new album, along with “a few faves”.


Speaking to NME Australia, Jane admitted releasing her debut album in the midst of a global pandemic is still “the most exciting time ever, but also a little bit dampened”.

“We thought, might as well get [the album] out, people can still listen to it, connect with it, do what they will,” she said.

In the same breath, the singer-songwriter admitted ‘Not All Bad Or Good’ is full of her most personal songs to date, ranging from an ex who’s still pulling old tricks (heard in ‘Perfection’s A Thing And You’re It’) to her relationship with feminism (discussed in ‘Femme’).

The album, which NME gave four stars, shows Maddy Jane sharing her most intimate moments through licks of soaring indie rock and shimmering pop moments, some of which fans can catch live this Thursday.