Magic Dirt to reissue debut album ‘Friends In Danger’ on vinyl

Dedicated to the band's former guitarist Dave Thomas

Aussie rockers Magic Dirt have announced the vinyl reissue of their 1996 debut LP ‘Friends In Danger’, due out next month.

‘Friends In Danger’ was first released through Au Go Go in Australia and Warner Bros in the US, arriving after Magic Dirt’s debut EP ‘Life Was Better’ and the departure of lead guitarist Daniel Herring. The album peaked at Number 25 on the ARIA charts upon its release.

‘Friends In Danger’ also featured a darker sound compared to that of ‘Life Was Better’, which the band said was an organic change of course. Nevertheless, the LP gained media attention from Rolling Stone, Blunt and Alternative Press.


“When we started we were just doing what we thought was fun, rather than doing what you do to be successful. And I just thought that was how every band did it,” bassist Dean Turner told Juice Magazine in 1996.

“It’s not like we set out to be different… we were always just doing it our own way,” frontwoman Adalita Srsen added.

The ‘Friends In Danger’ vinyl reissue will arrive on July 9 through Emergency/Remote Control. It has been dedicated to the band’s former guitarist Dave Thomas, who passed away in March last year and played on the record.

“Thomas’ legacy will live on and Magic Dirt would like to acknowledge his incredible contribution to the Australian music scene and are especially indebted to him for his support and encouragement of the band in their early years,” a statement read.