Maison Hall return with new single ‘Montreux’

Marking the duo's first new music in almost five years

Melbourne indie-rock duo Maison Hall have shared a driving new single, entitled ‘Montreux’, marking their first new material in almost five years.

“‘Montreux’ is celebratory,” vocalist Joe Kneipp said in a press release, “not just because we’re still doing this, but because we’re still doing this despite our ‘real-life’ obligations, the distance between us, the total absence of pecuniary success, etc.

“We are so divorced from any external validations – the simple fact is, I love making music, and I love making music with Ben. And we’re gonna keep fucking doing it!”


The track is accompanied by an uber colourful and exuberant music video, which you can watch below:

On the clip, Maison Hall added: “The concept of the clip is pretty on the nose – the juxtaposition between the left and right brain, the creative and the pragmatist, the poetic and the prosaic.

“If you’re a musician, or any creative for that matter, who’s not lucky enough to make all their money from creative endeavours, you’ll understand these tensions.”

The single comes as the duo’s first new music since the release of their debut album, ‘It Was Never About Me’, in 2017.

To celebrate the song’s release, the pair – Kneipp and drummer Ben Byron – will venture out on an east coast tour of Australia next month, almost six years since their last live performance. Find those dates below.


The Maison Hall east coast tour dates are:

Thursday 3 – Brisbane, Black Bear Lodge
Friday 11 – Melbourne, The Retreat Hotel
Sunday 13 – Canberra, Gang Gang Cafe